Understanding the Basics of Tradie Insurance: A Beginner's Guide

Tradies today are dealing with a lot of tough economic issues. The cost of materials have increased significantly, and it's harder to get supplies due to problems with shipping and delivering goods worldwide. On top of this, there's limited skilled workers, and its often a race against time to finish jobs.

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Oct 17 2023
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Risks In Our Work

As a tradie, whether you're a builder, electrician, plumber, or involved in any other trades, your work involves unique risks. Tradie insurance can help in some circumstances by providing a safety net against various risks associated with your trade.

What is Tradie Insurance?

Tradie insurance is a type of business insurance designed specifically for tradespeople. It covers a range of risks including Legal Liability (Public and Products Liability), Tools and Equipment damage by an insured peril or theft, and even some professional fees in the event of a tax audit​​​​. Essentially - it's a package of optional covers for risks relevant for tradies that can help safeguard against risk.

For tradies, navigating the world of insurance can often be complex and time-consuming.

VIZ Insurance offers a modern, simplified approach to tradie insurance. VIZ seeks to differentiate from traditional insurance options.

After a long day on-site, insurance is the last thing you want to think about. We cut the waffle, for easy-to-understand policies where you know what you’re getting” VIZ Insurance

VIZ aspires to not just provide relevant insurance options, but also offer a our services in a way that complements the lifestyle and workstyle of tradespeople. With digital convenience, cost transparency, quick setup, and relevant coverage options, VIZ Insurance seeks to be a reliable and simple option for tradies and small businesses.

Why is Tradie Insurance Important?

Australian insurers pay millions in Liability claims each year. Losses happen. Tradie Insurance can provide financial protection against losses, from on-site accidents to legal disputes, theft of tools and tax audits.

Who Needs Tradie Insurance?

Any tradesperson, from sole traders to small business owners and subcontractors could benefit from tradie insurance. VIZ caters to the evolving needs of tradies, allowing policy adjustments as your business changes​​. VIZ offers quotes to over 50 different trade occupations to small businesses with 5 or less employees.

VIZ Insurance vs Traditional Insurance:

We believe that VIZ Insurance stands out through a focus on a tradie-relevant cover options and a simple and convenient policy buying experience.

Super Fast Setup - Get set up in just a few minutes. It is easy to get a quote and buy a policy, all online.

Protect Cashflow - pay monthly at no additional cost.

Get on-site -Buy a policy to trigger an email with your insurance documents, including a Certificate of Currency, delivered in seconds.

Relatable Team- We have friendly and relatable customer agents throughout Australia. Contact Us via phone or email to discuss your quote or policy.

In contrast, traditional insurance may lack this combination of tradie-focussed products and services and a user-friendly online quote and buying experience.

We are serious about getting you covered. Click here to get a quote.

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